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Cost Calculation at Design Stage - classmate PLAN

Up to 80% of a part's costs are already determined by the design.
In this video, we will show you, how preliminary costing at design stage can save you time and money in manufacturing parts and part assemblies.

Let's look at the conventional process:
The designer develops a new part. After the approval, material masters, BOMs and work plans need to be created manually. Following this, the costs of the part are calculated. Only now the cost drivers become apparent.
If any design changes are required due to the costs, the lengthy process starts all over again.

classmate PLAN shortens and improves this process significantly.
The modelmonitor already shows the cost details to the designer at the development stage of his model. At the push of a button, essential cost drivers are highlighted in red and create transparency for the machining process, times and costs. classmate PLAN has an accuracy of up to plus/minus 5% deviance in the product costing analysis for client projects.
The software automatically retrieves the geometric information from the CAD model and compares it to available production technology of internal or external manufacturing partners.
The designer can already see how the design details affect the manufacturing costs during the creation of the model in the CAD system. He can therefore control the manufacturing costs effectively. He can test different production variations without changing the actual CAD model.

And it goes a step further:
For work planning, different variations, for example various locations or manufacturing strategies, can be calculated and compared as often as you want. You can make informed assessments on alternatives quickly - for example as the basis of make-or-buy decisions.
The work plans are generated automatically and are passed to SAP or other ERP systems. Production costs are already known in advance. For external production, qualified information is provided to Purchasing for supplier selection and price negociations.
You can prevent unnecessary calculation loops and build the development process on reliable information.

Advantages at a Glance:
You can already find out manufacturing costs during the design stage and can identify cost drivers early.
The calculation is generated before material masters, BOMs or work plans need to be created.
You can make informed decisions on product variations and make-or-buy alternatives quickly.
Work plans are generated automatically - the workload of Work Scheduling is lightened.
classmate PLAN works in the background without any additional work for the designer.
Solid assessments for suppliers and prices can be made.
Numerous businesses already benefit from the classmate PLAN calculation.

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