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Optimise Material Masters - Clear Workflows Save Time and Money

The professional creation and maintenance of material master data has an extensive impact on all departments. Those who secure their data quality continuously, achieve significant savings in costs and time in their business.

In this video, we will show you how to avoid duplicates and errors in material master data with a well-thought out process.

The designer is looking for a required component but cannot find any suitable material. If he now wants to create a new material master, simus classmate takes him to a request form in which he defines his requirements. This form is already prepopulated with information resulting from his search or a template. He only needs to fill in missing details.
In order to check the requirement for creating the material and the data quality, a second member of staff assesses the request: the Material Master Data Manager. He automatically receives it via the system for perusal.
The Manager ensures that the requirements cannot be fulfilled by a previously existing component using the easy similarity search integrated in classmate.
If this is verified and all information is complete and accurate, he approves the request.
If information is missing or unclear, the Material Master Data Manager sends the request back to the designer at the push of a button. The designer can make the required changes to the request and hand it in for review again.
Once the request is approved, the information is automatically created in SAP or another ERP system. The person making the request and all staff members involved receive confirmation from the material master and can use it immediately. Subsequent processes, i.e. the maintenance of data by Work Scheduling or Purchasing, can also be specified and initiated automatically.
The maintenance of existing material master data can also be managed effectively with simus classmate.

Your Benefits of a Centrally Guided Process for the Creation of Material Masters with simus classmate at a Glance:
The designer can request a new material master quickly and easily
The datasets are of a high level of quality - no duplicates, no errors, no missing data.
The process can be defined individually
Various notification options are available
Validated datasets are created correctly in SAP
Texts are generated automatically: material short texts, purchase order or sales texts.
The high level of data quality provides efficient processes in all departments

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